Mietke, c.1710

Three harpsichords from Mietke’s workshop are known to have survived. Dating from the first two decades of the 18 th century, all show a marked Italianate influence – particularly the single-manual instruments – with their slender cases, brass-scaled stringing, and ‘false inner-case’ construction. The resulting dry, clear sound has a distinctive quality with considerable colour, giving excellent clarity of line and texture to the music of Bach and his predecessors. This type of instrument is also very effective in continuo, and for accompanying small groups.

Various schemes of decoration are possible, usually based on a painted case with an inner case-lining of maple or walnut.


Range FF – f3, or GG – e3.
Transposing A392 -415, or A415 – 440.
Disposition Double lower 8′, 4′, buff
upper 8′
shove coupler
Single 2 x 8′, buff, optional 4′
Keyboards Ebony naturals with boxwood or ebony arcades, bone-topped accidentals

Painted case in one or two colours, with gold bands or other gilded decoration, inner case lining in maple or walnut, supported by a simple trestle stand with 4 turned legs. Many other schemes of decoration are possible, examples of which are illustrated on the Gallery page.



Double 94” x 36” (239 x 92cm)

Single 87″ x 36″ (221 x 92cm)


Double £20250

Single £14500

Soundboard decoration from £900

Table stand from £2300

Lid painting from £2500

Mietke - JSBach ' Chromatic Fantasia '

by Gary Cooper