Zell, 1728

This instrument is larger in size than the double-manual instrument by Mietke, and is scaled for the more usual iron stringing in the treble. These factors combine to give it a bigger voice than the Mietke, but the sound is still admirably clear, as expected from a German maker. The characteristic keywell decoration based on marquetry stars is available as an option.


Range FF –f3, transposing A415 – 440.
Disposition 2 x 8′, buff, optional 4′
Keyboards Bone naturals with walnut arcades, pernambuco-topped walnut accidentals

Case painted and gilded, inner case lining of walnut or maple, supported by a simple trestle stand, painted and gilded en suite . Other options are available, please enquire.



Double 94” x 36” (239 x 92cm)

Single 87″ x 36″ (221 x 92cm)


Double £20250

Single £14500

Soundboard decoration from £900

Table stand from £2300

Lid painting from £2500

Zell, 1728